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The beginnings of Mirana Net go back to the early 1990's as the Trellis Agency in Calgary, Alberta Canada. A web design concern developing web sites for NGOs and charitable organizations.
Mirana Net emerged during the development of the web site for Arakis Energy, an Oil Exploration company, in Calgary Alberta. During this time, Willie Meier became the Internet Administrator for Arakis Energy still continuing on with developing web sites for NGOs with the newest of technology namely JavaScript as the popularity of JavaScript was becoming the norm.
Mirana Net became virtually dormant in 1998 as Willie Meier accepted on a position as Field Network Engineer for State Petroleum, a subsidiary of Arakis Energy, in Calgary, Alberta.
Mirana Net's logo is distinctive; it represents: Mirana Net logo

  • committal (upper leaf)
  • service (the sphere)
  • support (the lower leaf)

Mirana Net is dedicated to the Environment!
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